Encoding Unicode in 2D barcode like PDF417, DataMatrix, QRCode or AztecCode

Try encoding Unicode characters in 2D barcodes like PDF417, DataMatrix, QRCode or AztecCode is a challenge because all those standards were not designed to encode Unicode two-byte characters but single-byte strings only.

In a recent guide (with a sample code in VB and C# – Windows Forms), we tried to provide some tips about how to accomplish that in a “reliable way”. The “reliable” word here is very important because there’re many methods for encoding Unicode in barcodes but few of them are, precisely, reliable. We found a simple one leveraging Base64 algorithm.

NOTE: Although the guide was written by using Barcode Professional SDK for .NET, it can be applied to other editions of our products i.e. ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Reporting Services, etc.)

Encoding Unicode chars in 2D barcodes PDF417-DataMatrix-QRCode-AztecCode in VB-C#

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