Barcode Professional for Silverlight on NiceLabel Portal from EURO PLUS

Neodynamic’s Barcode Professional for Silverlight is the world’s first barcode component which generates vector based high quality barcodes in Silverlight platform. We designed and developed it to target Silverlight 4.0 LOB apps because we saw a need for a native barcoding solution in such scenarios.

Last month, EURO PLUS d.o.o., a recognized innovation leader in AIDC solutions, announced the availability of NiceLabel Portal – “a true Web-based label printing solution that supports centralized online label printing”.

NiceLabel Portal allows the user to simply click a Web link and print a label. The simplicity of the process is what drives supplier compliance, and when it’s easier for a vendor to print a new label than to resist changing his routine, the ground work for a highly efficient system is set. For the solution provider on the other side, the labeling costs by unifying systems are dramatically reduced.

How Barcode Professional for Silverlight is related to this solution? Well, NiceLabel Portal web printing solution was built on Silverlight and it is using our Barcode Pro for Silverlight for client-side vector based barcode rendering!

We’re very proud to see that our product is being used in such recognized labeling product.

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