Barcode support in Windows Azure platform

Are you targeting or planning your projects on Windows Azure platform? If yes, do you need barcode generation on it? If yes, then keep in mind the following. Based on some customers using our barcode generation products, it seems that Azure DOES NOT FULLY SUPPORT GDI+

Why is that important for you? Because our products Barcode Professional for ASP.NET, Windows Forms & SDK leverages GDI+, which is the “default” graphic engine in .NET, for barcode drawing and image generation.

In that post, Yi-Lun Luo (Microsoft, Moderator) is advicing to use a modern graphic engine like WPF. So if you need barcode generation support in Windows Azure, Neodynamic can offer you Barcode Professional for WPF which DOES NOT use GDI+ but Windows Presentation Framework generating vector-based high quality barcodes.

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