Barcode onto images in SQL Reporting Services (RDL reports)

Supose you have a predesigned image for a coupon or ticket and you need to print a barcode onto it by using Reporting Services report model. The first try is placing an Image item and then a barcode (CRI) onto it. All is fine until you try to preview the report in Visual Studio or run/deploy it to a report server. It’s likely you get some warning message like this one:

[rsOverlappingReportItems] The custom reportitem ‘neodynamicBarcodeControl1’ and the image ‘image1’ overlap. Overlapping report items are not supported in all renderers.

You not only get that message but the barcode is not displayed where you placed it i.e. on the predesigned image. That is a limitation of RS report model and a workaround to it would be this:

  • DO NOT use an Image item for the predesigned image BUT replace it with a Rectangle item and set its BackgroundImage property with the image file
  • After that, ensure you place the Barcode CRI inside that rectangle i.e. the barcode CRI is now a nested item. That’s it.

Because the Rectangle item is a container type item, you can place any objet inside it and no overlying is taken place. HTH.


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