ThermalLabel SDK 4.0 just released!

Neodynamic is proud to announce the availability of ThermalLabel SDK 4.0 for .NET Framework!

After six months of hard work, the new ThermalLabel SDK engine v4.0 is ready for production code. We want to thank to all our customers who provided us with great feedbacks for this new release. The following is the main new features you will find in v4.0!

  • New! A complete and re-written labeling engine
  • New! An unified object model which will allows you to create ONE label and print it to either ZPL or EPL printer getting the SAME output printing!
  • New! Added preview thermal labels without needed a physical printer. It is useful for testing as well as developing.
  • New! Added Print Orientation feature. You can now print ThermalLabel objects in Portrait and Landscape orientation with 90, 180 & 270 degrees rotation
  • New! Added exportation of PrintJob & ThermalLabel objects to raster images in formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG & TIFF (including multipage TIFF)
  • New! Added exportation of PrintJob & ThermalLabel objects to Adobe PDF without the need of any third-party software
  • New! Added Caching feature to ThermalLabel items to improve printing performance
  • New! A new BarcodeItem object with lots of new features
  • New! Added a new dithering method for auto-thresholding based on Otsu method. It is used for ImageItem objects
  • New! You can print or send commands to a stream object
  • New! Added Buffering feature to PrintJob class. Buffering allows you to control how the processed printer commands in the PrintJob object are sent to the printer.
  • New! You can now specify the printer name as well as the connection timeout when using network printing

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be publishing lots of demos and guides highlighting these new features. We’re very excited with this new version and hope it helps our customers with their thermal printing needs.

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