ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 Updated – New WPF Editor Commands and Dependency Properties plus IFA PZN8 barcode support and more

A new maintenance release of ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 is available containing the following:

  • Fixed! A new bug in the Font property of TextItem class.
  • New! Added the new OffsetLength property to ThermalLabel class. It’s mainly used with EPL-based printers to configure special label shapes like jewelry labels.
  • New! Added IFA PZN8 barcode support to BarcodeItem class. The PZN8 will replace the old PZN (a.k.a. PZN7) starting on 01-01-2013. Both PZN8 & PZN7 are automatically handled by BarcodeItem class by setting up Symbology property to Pzn value
  • New! The WPF ThermalLabel Editor component now features many properties as DependencyProperty as well as many UI Commands:
    • New Dependency Properties: ActiveToolItem, CanCut, CanCopy, CanPaste, CanUndo, CanRedo, CurrentSelection, CurrentSelectionArea, and LabelDocument.
    • New UI Commands under EditorCommands class: BringForward, BringToFront, SendBackward, SendToBack, Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, DeleteAll, DeleteSelectedItems, SelectAll, UpdateSelectionItemsProperties, Save, Load, and UpdateLabelDocument. The WPF sample apps were updated to use these new UI commands in the XAML Window files.

You can download and update the product by using the download link which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.

The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed but the “File Version”. Here is the list of the new “File version” attributes:

  • Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll patched to v5.0.3500.4
  • Neodynamic.Windows.ThermalLabelEditor.dll patched to v5.0.3500.2

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