ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 Updated – Print multiple-different thermal labels within a PrintJob!

A new maintenance release of ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 is available containing the following:

  • New! Added support to print a group of different thermal labels objects on the Print method of PrintJob class.
  • New! Added support to print a group of different thermal labels objects from ASP.NET through the new ThermalLabelGroup property of WebPrintJob class.
  • New! XML templates now allows XML-invalid chars to be stored. As you can use any char for encoding barcodes, they cannot be stored without formatting them inside the XML file.
  • New! Added Underline style to text on BarcodeItem
  • Fixed GetAutoSize nethod on TextItem class
  • Fixed Item Sizing & Location bugs when using DotsPerInch unit

You can download and update the product by using the download link which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.

The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed but the “File Version”. Here is the list of the new “File version” attributes:

  • Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll patched to v5.0.3500.13
  • Neodynamic.Windows.ThermalLabelEditor.dll patched to v5.0.3500.11
  • TLClientPrint.exe patched to v1.0.3500.2

Add Chrome print support in ASP.NET Crystal Report Viewer and more!

Crystal Report Viewer allows you to do client printing if using Internet Explorer or Firefox but this is not supported for Chrome. In our new walkthrough How to add Custom Printing options to ASP.NET Crystal Reports Viewer toolbar we give you a clean solution for client-side printing on all three major browsers supported by Crystal Reports Viewer. You’ll learn how to add a drop-down-list of the printers available at the client-side and change the Print button behavior on CrystalReportViewer Toolbar allowing your users to print their reports to the Default Printer or any other installed printer without displaying any dialog!

Customize ASP.NET ReportViewer toolbar with cross-browser print button

In ASP.NET, the ReporViewer control does not support client-side printing if the target browser is Chrome, Firefox or any other one that does not come from MS. That’s because built-in printing mechanism ( is based on ActiveX which is only supported by Internet Explorer. In our new walkthrough How to add Cross-Browser Printing to ASP.NET ReportViewer toolbar we provide a nice solution by customizing the ReportViewer toolbar with a drop-down-list of the printers available at the client-side and a Print button that works with all main browsers for Windows OS i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera & Safari!

Print Crystal Reports directly to default client printer from ASP.NET

Learn how to directly print a Crystal Reports (RPT file) to the Default Client printer from an ASP.NET website without preview! In this new walkthrough we’ll also show you how to print any RPT report file to any installed printer available at the client machine without displaying any Printer Dialog at all! Best of all, it works with any client browser on Windows OS like Internet Explorer (6 or later), Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari!

Workaround for Landscape printing if Report Width is bigger than Height in Reporting Services

Recently, a customer who was using our Barcode Professional for Reporting Services contacted us about an issue with printing orientation. He was designing a barcode label which Width (4in) was bigger than the Height (2in) i.e. a common label shape/format. He pointed out that when printing such report to a label thermal printer, SSRS changes from portrait to landscape without any reason! He also commented us that it seems that SSRS does that “by design” i.e. the logic that SSRS uses is this: if the report’s width is greater than height, then Landscape printing is performed! (Who was the brilliant mind behind this design?) Our customer just wanted to know if we were aware of such behavior and if we knew of some fix as the one provided at MS SQL Server forums was totally cumbersome.

After discussing this with our team, we suggested to our customer to try the following. We told him to set his report to be 4in x 4in i.e. a square shape and then design the reports by using just the top 2in zone leaving the rest just blank. What was the end result? SSRS performed portrait printing and issue was solved! Hope this workaround helps to others experiencing the same issue.

WebClientPrint for ASP.NET – WCP Handler and HTTP 500.21 error

You deployed your website using WebClientPrint for ASP.NET and the WCP.axd handler you registered in your web.config is throwing the following error in IIS:

HTTP Error 500.21 – Internal Server Error
Handler “WCP” has a bad module “ManagedPipelineHandler” in its module list

To fix that error you must modify your web.config so the entry for the wcp.axd handler under system.webServer node looks like follows:

<add name="WCP" verb="*" path="wcp.axd"
type="Neodynamic.SDK.Web.WebClientPrint, Neodynamic.SDK.WebClientPrint"

What has been added is the preCondition=”integratedMode” to the handler registration. This new attribute should solve the issue.