Workaround for Landscape printing if Report Width is bigger than Height in Reporting Services

Recently, a customer who was using our Barcode Professional for Reporting Services contacted us about an issue with printing orientation. He was designing a barcode label which Width (4in) was bigger than the Height (2in) i.e. a common label shape/format. He pointed out that when printing such report to a label thermal printer, SSRS changes from portrait to landscape without any reason! He also commented us that it seems that SSRS does that “by design” i.e. the logic that SSRS uses is this: if the report’s width is greater than height, then Landscape printing is performed! (Who was the brilliant mind behind this design?) Our customer just wanted to know if we were aware of such behavior and if we knew of some fix as the one provided at MS SQL Server forums was totally cumbersome.

After discussing this with our team, we suggested to our customer to try the following. We told him to set his report to be 4in x 4in i.e. a square shape and then design the reports by using just the top 2in zone leaving the rest just blank. What was the end result? SSRS performed portrait printing and issue was solved! Hope this workaround helps to others experiencing the same issue.


2 thoughts on “Workaround for Landscape printing if Report Width is bigger than Height in Reporting Services

  1. Becky Rufener March 6, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    That worked for orientation but now I’m wasting labels because it is trying to cover the full width of the page as if it were the height.

    • neodynamic March 6, 2018 / 9:55 pm

      Sadly, that is a limitation of SSRS. Our product is just a barcode component for that platform.

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