ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 Updated – New HideIfEmpty property for barcode items and some bugs fixed

A new maintenance release of ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 is available containing the following:

  • New! Added HideIfEmpty property to BarcodeItem class to not display or print barcode symbols if value to encode is null or empty
  • Fixed Multi-column labels was not printed correctly in Landscape mode
  • Fixed Border was printed even if BorderThickness was set to zero
  • Fixed AutoSize value applied to TextItem & BarcodeItem objects were making those items to be cut off on the Editor surface

You can download and update the product by using the download link which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.

The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed but the “File Version”. Here is the list of the new “File version” attributes:

  • Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll patched to v5.0.3514.0324
  • Neodynamic.Windows.ThermalLabelEditor.dll patched to v5.0.3514.0324

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