WebClientPrint 3.0 for ASP.NET & PHP Update – Improved WCPP and client printers detection

We’re glad to announce a new update to WebClientPrint 3.0 for ASP.NET & PHP. This new update includes:

[New!] Improved the WCPP detection and list of installed printers by using a timeout approach.

This update requires the update of the server part of our solution only.

Download WebClientPrint 3.0 for ASP.NET server component

Download WebClientPrint 3.0 for PHP server component

To use this new feature, a very simple change must be done:

1. In the page for detecting WCPP, replace this line

var wcppPingDelay_ms = 5000;

by these ones

var wcppPingTimeout_ms = 10000; //10 sec
var wcppPingTimeoutStep_ms = 500; //0.5 sec

2. In the page for displaying client printers, replace this line

var wcppGetPrintersDelay_ms = 5000; //5 sec

by these ones

var wcppGetPrintersTimeout_ms = 10000; //10 sec
var wcppGetPrintersTimeoutStep_ms = 500; //0.5 sec

The “File version” values for this update are:

> Neodynamic.SDK.WebClientPrint.dll patched to v3.0.2017.123

> WebClientPrint.php patched to v3.0.2017.123


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