Barcode Professional products line Update – Fixed bug in ISO/IEC 15434 Encoding in HIBC LIC and PAS 2D barcodes, PDF417 Rows and Columns setting and more

A new maintenance release was published for most of our Barcode Professional products. The new builds contain the following updates:

  • Fixed! ISO/IEC 15434 Encoding in HIBC LIC and PAS 2D barcodes
  • Fixed! Industrial 2 of 5 symbol rendering
  • Fixed! Code 128 encoding when explicit switching between Char Sets is used
  • Fixed! GS1-128 (formerly EAN/UCC-128) custom format code validation
  • Fixed! PDF417 did not honor symbol size if either a number of Columns and Rows are explicitly specified
  • Fixed! GetCode93Checksum method of BarcodeUtils class

You can download and update the products by using their download links which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.
The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed. Here is the list of all new “File version” attributes depending on the Barcode Professional edition:

  • Barcode Professional SDK for .NET STANDARD patched to v3.0.19.205
  • Barcode Professional SDK for .NET Windows patched to v7.0.2019.205
  • Barcode Professional for Windows Forms .NET patched to v11.0.2019.205
  • Barcode Professional for ASP.NET patched to v11.0.2019.205
  • Barcode Professional for WPF patched to v8.0.3519.205
  • Barcode Professional for SQL Reporting Services patched to v11.0.xx19.205

Barcode Professional SDK 3.0 for .NET STANDARD just released!

We’re proud to announce the new 3.0 release of Barcode Professional SDK for .NET STANDARD!

This new Version 3.0 brings the following features:

You can download v3.0 from our website at

Barcode Professional SDK 2.0 for .NET Standard just released! .NET CORE, Xamarin, Mono & UWP Support!

We’re very excited to announce v2.0 of our Barcode Professional for .NET Standard (formerly Barcode Professional SDK for .NET Core) with lots of new features! Barcode Professional for .NET STANDARD is a .NET Standard library that generates barcode images for any .NET Project including ASP.NET (Legacy & Core), .NET Framework, .NET CORE, Xamarin, Mono & UWP.

More info about Barcode Professional SDK 2.0 for .NET Standard

Learn more about the new features at What’s New in v2.0!

DOWNLOAD fully functional eval version!

For assistant and support please contact our dev team