Barcode Professional products line for .NET Platforms Updated – Code 128 Auto encoding optimization, Micro QR Code bug fixed

A new maintenance release for most of our Barcode Professional products for .NET platforms are now available for downloading. The new builds contain the following updates:

  • Improved! Code 128 barcode Auto encoding optimized to get shorter symbols
  • Fixed! A bug found in the MicroQR Code’s Error Correction algorithm

You can download and update the products by using their download links which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.
The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed but the “File Version”. Here is the list of all new “File version” attributes depending on the Barcode Professional edition:

  • Barcode Professional SDK for .NET patched to v3.0.2000.18
  • Barcode Professional for Windows Forms .NET patched to v7.0.2000.20
  • Barcode Professional for ASP.NET patched to v7.0.2000.16
  • Barcode Professional for WPF patched to v4.0.3500.19
  • Barcode Professional for Silverlight patched to v2.0.40.14
  • Barcode Professional for Reporting Services patched to v7.0.2000.17
  • Barcode Professional for Windows Phone patched to v1.0.70.3
  • Barcode Professional for XAML WinRT patched to v1.0.4500.1

Barcode Professional for XAML WinRT Windows Store Apps just released!

Barcode Pro for XAML WinRT (Windows Store Apps)

Today is great day! We’re proud to announce that our new Barcode Professional for XAML WinRT is now available!

You can start using Barcode Professional for XAML WinRT in your Windows Store Apps for adding barcode printing and generation capabilities. Barcode Pro for XAML WinRT can be used within Windows Store Apps developed with VB, C# or C++ in Visual Studio 2012 or the Expression edition for Windows 8!

Feel free to contact our experts for any kind of questions on our products.

Porting Barcode Professional to Windows 8 WinRT API

Our team has not stopped since the WebClientPrint product release and this time they are working on porting our first-class Barcode Professional product to the new Windows 8 WinRT API.

Neodynamic is the only company specialized in barcode technologies which provides GS1/ISO-IEC/AIM-compliance linear (1D), postal, 2D, stacked and composite barcode symbols to .NET developers and the new Windows Store applications market will need a first-class barcode solution for sure.

Let’s say you need to create high quality QR Code to stamp it on gift cards, invoices, etc within your Windows Store app. Or maybe you need to create and print barcode labels within your Windows Store app. Or the business reports need some kind of barcode being there. For any barcode needs you might have when developing your Windows Store apps, you can safely leverage them to Neodynamic’s Barcode Professional for XAML WinRT product.

The product will be available shortly so stay tuned!