Add Chrome print support in ASP.NET Crystal Report Viewer and more!

Crystal Report Viewer allows you to do client printing if using Internet Explorer or Firefox but this is not supported for Chrome. In our new walkthrough How to add Custom Printing options to ASP.NET Crystal Reports Viewer toolbar we give you a clean solution for client-side printing on all three major browsers supported by Crystal Reports Viewer. You’ll learn how to add a drop-down-list of the printers available at the client-side and change the Print button behavior on CrystalReportViewer Toolbar allowing your users to print their reports to the Default Printer or any other installed printer without displaying any dialog!


Print Crystal Reports directly to default client printer from ASP.NET

Learn how to directly print a Crystal Reports (RPT file) to the Default Client printer from an ASP.NET website without preview! In this new walkthrough we’ll also show you how to print any RPT report file to any installed printer available at the client machine without displaying any Printer Dialog at all! Best of all, it works with any client browser on Windows OS like Internet Explorer (6 or later), Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari!