ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 Updated – Fixed a bug in WebPrintJob, TLClientPrint utility, and Postnet-Planet barcode if using the Native Barcode Engine

The second maintenance release of ThermalLabel SDK 5.0 is now available containing the following:

  • Fixed! A bug when using data binding labels with the new WebPrintJob class.
  • Improved! The TLClientPrint utility was updated to read the internal stream fully and avoid some potential issues within some scenarios.
  • Fixed! The USPS Postnet and Planet symbologies were not correctly printed when using the Native Barcode Engine.

You can download and update the product by using the download link which can be found in the license email or in the Download section of our website.

The “Assembly Version” of the dlls have not changed but the “File Version”. Here is the list of all new “File version” attributes:

  • Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll patched to v5.0.3500.2
  • TLClientPrint.exe patched to v1.0.3500.1

CSV data binding with ThermalLabel SDK 4.0

We have just published a new guide about How to data binding CSV files to print barcode labels with Zebra ZPL-EPL printers and VB.NET or C# by using ThermalLabel SDK for .NET

In that guide, we use a CSV (comma-separated values) file for designing and printing barcode labels using data binding feature of ThermalLabel SDK 4.0

CSV files are simple plain text files featuring tabular data/info. In a CSV file, the first line or row in the file is the one used for describing the fields’ names or columns. The rest lines/rows are the data fields content. Each data field a separated by a comma character.

NOTE: There’re other “CSV” formats which use tabs, semicolons, etc.; instead of commas for separating fields. Currently, ThermalLabel SDK 4.0 only supports “COMMA-separated values” file but we have plans for supporting other characters in a future release.

If you have any further questions just contact our tech support