Print ESC/POS commands from ASP.NET right to the client printer

We’ve just published a new article about How to print raw ESC/POS commands from ASP.NET directly to the client printer that shows you how to get fast printing outputs with dot-matrix, impact, thermal or inkjet printers that support ESC/POS-compatible commands. The article shows you how to create ESC/POS commands for a simple receipt and how to get it printed from ASP.NET right to the client printer. Works with any popular browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera) on Windows, Linux or Mac!

 A Sample Receipt printed from ASP.NET and created by using ESC/POS commands

WebClientPrint 2.0 for PHP just released!

We’re proud to announce v2.0 of our WebClientPrint for PHP solution!

WebClientPrint allows you to easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed at the client machine without showing or displaying any print dialog box from PHP websites!

In addition to print raw printer commands, you can also print most common file formats like PDF, TXT, Word DOC, Excel XLS, JPG/JPEG, PNG, multipage-TIFF, and more!

WebClientPrint for PHP is a plug-in free solution based on jQuery and works with Windows, Linux & Mac clients through most popular browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari!

Try the new WebClientPrint for PHP online and download a fully-functional evaluation version

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Print ASP.NET Local Reports RDLC without Preview or Print Dialog

You have an ASP.NET RDLC report and want to allow your users to print it without previewing it? Want to go further and print it without displaying any print dialog? And you want it to work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari? Take a look at our new article about How to Print an ASP.NET Local Report RDLC without Preview or Printer Dialog by using our WebClientPrint for ASP.NET solution

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jQuery ajax request error Status 0 on SSL-HTTPS when using Opera or Safari

Today we were testing our WebClientPrint for ASP.NET vNext and found an issue with jQuery Ajax requests on HTTPS but just when using Opera or Safari as the code worked just fine with IE, Chrome & Firefox.

In short the issue was this. The URL we specified to jQuery $get() contained the port number for HTTPS which is 443. Something like this $.get('https://localhost:443/something.aspx', function (data) { ... });

Again, that code worked just fine with IE, Chrome & Firefox but when using Opera or Safari, the Ajax error was “Status 0”. Removing the port number 443 from the URL fixed the issue on those browsers. HTH,