WCPP 4.0 for Mac clients Update – Fixed PDF tray and paper size printing

We’re glad to announce a new update to WebClientPrint Processor 4.0 for macOS-OSX clients. This new update includes:

  • Fixed! PDF printing not working properly when tray and paper size was specified

This update requires the installation of the client software only.

Download WebClientPrint Processor 4.0 for Mac

The “File version” value for this update is:

> wcpp4 patched to v4.0.19.219


WebClientPrint 4.0 for ASP.NET (CORE, MVC & WebForms) & PHP now available with Advanced PDF Printing support!

We’re proud to announce the brand new 4.0 release of our WebClientPrint solution for ASP.NET Core, MVC & WebForms and for PHP This new Version 4.0 brings some excited and long-awaited features like advanced PDF printing without requiring Adobe Reader or Foxit as well as Tray Name and Paper Size settings for PDF, TXT & Image formats like JPG & PNG!

What’s new in Version 4.0?

  • New! Print PDF silently without Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader dependencies for Windows Clients!
  • New! PDF file custom printing settings like Print as Grayscale, Print Annotations, Rotation, Page Range and more! Refer to the PrintFilePDF class in the help doc.
  • New! TXT file custom printing now featuring settings like Print Orientation, Text Alignment (Justify, Left, right, center); output font name, size, color and style (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) and margins! Refer to the PrintFileTXT class in the help doc.
  • New! Get Installed Printers from the client with useful info about them like PortName, Is Connected, Is Shared, Is Local, Is Network, DPI Resolution, as well as the list of supported Papers and list of trays/bins
  • New! InstalledPrinter class now supports Tray Name and Paper Name settings. NOTE: The supported file formats allowed for these new settings are BMP, JPG, PNG, TXT and PDF
  • New! Setting printer name to “Default” in the InstalledPrinter class allows you to specify the Default Printer in the client machine

Further details here

(ASP.NET CORE Edition) https://neodynamic.com/products/printing/raw-data/aspnet-core/

(ASP.NET Classic Edition) https://neodynamic.com/products/printing/raw-data/aspnet-mvc/

(PHP Edition) https://neodynamic.com/products/printing/raw-data/php/